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There are a few interesting driver and car combinations, as well as a few enforced changes, on the entry list for Gurston Down’s first National Championship event of the year this weekend.

Paul Webster Mazda MX5

Stripey will have a new pilot this weekend!


The fast, flowing Wiltshire farm venue always gets a good and competitive entry and this time around there is no exception. So, let’s have a look at who is and is not appearing on the hill.

Probably the highest profile change to the entry comes from the man who finished 8th in last year’s British Hillclimb Championship Tom New. Tom has been giving his Gould-Judd GR55 a rebuild and had targeted his local hill as being the start of his 2013 season for some while. Unfortunately though the late supply of some engine components has caused him to have a slight change of plan. The New Techniques boss will instead share ‘stripey’, the Mazda MX5 owned by his old mate Paul Webster. This could be quite a culture shock for Tom, but is sure to be a lot of fun. And if Webbo leaves the hardtop on then it could well be the first time that Tom has hillclimbed with a roof over his head, we can remember him competing in Caterham, St. Bruno Roughcutter, Vision, Pilbeams and the Gould, but nothing with a roof!

Tom New Gould GR55

Tom New in the GR55 at Gurston in 2012


Unfortunately the greatly anticipated Road-going Specialist Production challenger of the Warburton family will not be ready in time for Gurston. Allan & Dave Warby have been planning to shoe-horn a massive 2.5 litre Ford Duratec engine into the space previously occupied by a Rover K Series, but unfortunately delays with the engine have caused them to scratch from another event.

It will be great to see the Masters team back in action again this weekend. The formerly 16 valve Mini-mounted duo, Graham and Neal will be having their first ever event with the ex. Jonathan Gates Westfield-Vauxhall which they acquired from Kelvin Jouhar in the middle of last season. The Father & Son pairing have put in a lot of work on the car, including the fitment of a full roll cage in place of the previous hoop, and are raring to go!

2013 South West sensation Ed Hollier will be making his season debut at National level with his self-developed Pilbeam MP62. Although he will struggle to maintain his 100% FTD record this year at the event, it will be worthwhile for spectators to keep an eye out for his hard-charging driving style.

Also, on a slightly different note, for those of us staying at the venue, there will be some fun & games in the Gurston restaurant. There will be a Quiz Night, hosted by our very own Fashion Correspondent Hannah Wiltshire, in the restaurant on Saturday night. Our Correspondent & Mr Editor were planning to form a team for this until we discovered that the quiz will be on something called ‘General Knowledge’… Whatever that is!

Add the hot competition on the hill to the off-track activities planned by the BARC South West Centre and this could be one of the highlights of the season.

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