Gurston’s Car Showroom

Saturday at Gurston Down saw an unprecedented number of hillclimb cars changing hands as 2012 plans become firmed up prior to the end of this season.

First of all was the news that the multiple championship winning Force PC of Will Hall has been acquired by driving partners Nicola Menzies and Dave Uren. Nicola & Dave have been sharing a 1st generation Force HC this year in the 1100cc class and will step up to the ever competitive 1600cc class for 2012. Hall of course will be taking the plunge into the Unlimited class with a brand new V6 World Series by Renault engined Force being built by Ian Dayson.

The sale of the Hall car then created the next link in the chain… Liam & Olivia Cooper stepped forward and sealed a deal to buy the Menzies/Uren Force HC. The Exeter based couple have run an early carbon-tubbed OMS in the 1100cc class for a few seasons now, but the Force chassis (albeit an alloy tubbed version) should provide a step-up in performance. This will be the 2nd Force chassis in the family as Olivia’s father Richard & brother George share a Force PT of a similar vintage in the class.

Later on in the weekend we also heard a rumour that, after several seat-fittings on Saturday evening, Scottish drivers Scott & Leslie Sheridan had agreed a deal to buy Tim Elmer’s TKD-Suzuki for next year. Tim bought the car as a stop-gap whilst he waits for┬áhis radical new Dallara-TKD V8 to be completed and has been sharing the car with Trish Davis.

The final piece of gossip surrounded a very high-spec BHC car, which we understand may have been sold over the weekend in a transaction which took place well away from the gaze of the hillclimb paddock. More news on this as and when we have it….

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