Harewood BHC Preview

How things change? As we make the 1st ‘return’ visit of the year to Harewood, Yorkshire lets look back to May and the 1st Harewood of the BHC year. At the start of the event, most observers were predicting that Lee Adams might be able to win a BHC Run Off in 2011. Since that day, Lee has won 3 of the last 10 RunOffs to nail down 4th in the Championship, a stunning performance by a 1600cc car.

Lee Adams after his 1st Run Off victory

This weekend may not see a repeat Run Off win for Adams though. The weather is forecast to be good, and in the dry half of the event in May Adams could only manage =7th position. Good weather should give the V8 runners a chance to regain their authority over the major placings.

Due to another terribly timed wedding (not ours, but thank you to everyone whos asked!), we won’t be at Harewood this weekend (well, at least not on Saturday) but we will aim to keep you fully upto date with the goings on with the help of our paddock spies.

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