Harewood Hill – 2014 Events

From the BARCs hillclimb venue in the South, we move on to their hillclimb venue in the North.

Richard Brown Martin BM8

Richard Brown at Harewood in 1975 with his Martin BM8 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


Harewood, near Harrogate in Yorkshire is another of the more ‘permanent’ venues in British Hillclimbing, which hosts the BHC, many clubbys and a Hillclimb Drivers School.

The following dates are the event weekends for Harewood Hill during 2014:


Spring National Hillclimb – Sunday 13th April

May Open Hillclimb – Saturday 10th May

British Hillclimb Championship – Sunday 11th May

Jim Thomson Trophy Hillclimb – Saturday 7th June

Classic & Vintage Hillclimb – Sunday 8th June

British Hillclimb Championship – Sunday 6th June

Yorkshire Speed Hillclimb – Saturday 2nd August

Montague Burton Trophy Hillclimb – Sunday 3rd August

Summer Championship Hillclimb – Sunday 24th August

Greenwood Cup Hillclimb – Saturday 20th September

Mike Wilson Memorial Hillclimb – Sunday 21st September


More details of the events at Harewood Hillclimb can be found at www.harewoodhill.com!


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