Has Anyone Seen Eynon Price?

Force PC driver and 1600 warrior Eynon Price had a highly successful weekend at Shelsley Walsh.

The Welsh Wizard stormed the hill in 1st qualifying to record a 25.58s time. This was a Shelsley personal best by over half a second for Eynon, who is never at his best at the higher speed venues which don’t allow him to exploit his natural feel and innate car control. However, unfortunately even this stunning time couldn’t qualify Eynon for the 1st Run Off such was the pace on the day.

Price was slightly slower on his 2nd Run, but due to several other competitors going slower still, he sneaked into the 2nd Run Off.

However, when the Clerk of the Course toured the paddock to issue the vital Run Off instructions to those who had qualified, Eynon was knowhere to be seen…. Our Correspondent then went Welshman hunting, but had no joy, so Richard Spedding phoned the AWOL Eynon to see where he was.

Eynon Prices paddock spot pre Run Off

It turned out that Eynon assumed that he hadn’t qualified and had packed up and left the venue! As he was several miles away by the time of the call from Spedding, he deceided that it wasn’t worth returning.

Wouldn’t have happened if Claude was there Eynon!

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