“Hey Flathead, don’t check me in !”

(Sorry, any excuse for Fratellis lyrics!)

The ‘May Midlander’ meeting at Shelsley Walsh, which is a round of the UK Changes Midland Hillclimb Championship, also features a special class for ‘Flathead’ Ford engined cars.

This pre-war V8 engine design proved to be incredibly popular with hot-rodders on the US West Coast and this enthusiasm spread to drag racing and even circuit racing.

A large entry of 13 cars ranging from 3.5 litre to a monstrous 4.9 litre supercharged in a variety of chassis should make for an entertaining prospect on the hallowed 1000 yards of Shelsley Walsh.


  1. Hotrodfil says:

    So – were we entertaining…?
    Thanks to the MAC for the invite for the flatheads to compete at Shelsley.
    First time I’ve ever been. Drove my Model T (no. 83) from Norfolk on Friday afternoon
    arriving in time to pitch my ridiculously tiny tent and walk the hill in the dark – and a thunderstorm…
    After having a brilliant time improving from a steamed up glasses and visor 54 seconds in the rain to a late dry run of 48 seconds our high spirited entourage were treated admirably well by both the restaurant staff and the bar.
    Really enjoyed the Sunday runs, with an improved afternoon run of “46 point something” before popping the wings back on, tying on the camping gear and charging for home. Four and a half hours burbling across the country in fading sunlight with a tray of tomato plants for company. Brilliant.

    Once again – thanks to all concerned – and especially the smiling waving marshals who in the interests of ancient axle preservation I thankfully didn’t need to dig me out of the scenery…

  2. dave parr says:

    So now you`ve done Shelsley & Prescott, how about trying the other hill , Loton Park which makes up the triangle of Midland hills?
    Who do I contact to invite you guys?

  3. Darren Hart says:

    You can contact me if you wish and I can pass on your invite to the guys who took part in Shelsley last month. info@flatheadmeltdown.com
    You can also read a write-up of the May Meet, plus several other flathead events, on the Flathead Meltdown website. http://www.flatheadmeltdown.com

  4. Hotrodfil says:

    Ooh – Loton Park. Sounds like a good idea!

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