Hillclimb Career Change – Part 1

In recent weeks we have become aware of several hillclimb folk who appear to be having a slight career change.

With recent events having taken place in the Channel Islands, Devon and Northern Ireland there is a definite holiday feel at the this time of year and some of the drivers and other familiar faces appear to have had time to think and reflect.

The result of this for some seems to be a change of business life. The first competitor we became aware of making a change is top 12 contender Will Hall.

We received the following image, which was taken on the recent trip to Belfast for Craigantlet Hillclimb, from an anonymous source.

Will Hall


Big Will’s BBQ Shack will be a wildfire success. With Dad Danby on the grill and Will counting the money, how can it fail!?


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Interesting, but too much of a hands-on approach could lead to increased mechanical grip off the line, and a decrease in power/torque to mass ratio. Further, even small increases in frontal area could tell on the faster hills. So, perhaps it is business better run at arm’s length. Also will Paul Danby not need to do a lot of flying back and forth accross the Irish Sea, if he is to continue as Gofer-In-Chief. Watch this space, I suppose.
    I hope it goes well.

  2. Simon F says:

    Are we supposed to be paying close attention to the name of the establishment or the window notice above Wills’ shoulder? Does he have an announcement to make?!!!

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