Hillclimb Career Change – Part 2

Hot on the heels of our news story last week, announcing Will Hall’s new business venture, we bring you details of the last member of the hillclimb community to branch out in to a new career.

Devon-based Gould driver Tony Wiltshire is renowned in the hillclimb world for his committed driving style, flamboyant footwear, and in more recent years for the distressed condition of his BMW tow car!

Having not attended the recent event at Craigantlet, Wilt has had some free time and has investigated a new career as a landscape gardener, with the BMW proving to be the perfect mechanical assistant for him!

Tony Wiltshire BMW 330d



Apparently¬†the 330d’s immense torque proved perfect for stump-pulling, but the lawn may well take some time to recover from the ruts that seem to have appeared!

Not for the first time this year, it seems that Warby’s¬†Audi Quattro would have out-performed Wilt’s BMW!

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