Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 3

After looking at Graeme Wight Jnrs successes with his small engined Gould GR51B in the early part of the 21st Century last time, we move onto the most recent era of British Hillclimb Championship competition in this installment.


Gould GR55 Adam Fleetwood

Adam Fleetwood took BHC titles in '03 & '04


It was inevitable that someone would come along with a big V8 for the by now highly successful new Gould chassis. The car, now known as the GR55, went into production for 2003 and two of the cars ordered were set to receive V8s. Roy Lane was transferring his 4 litre Judd EV from his Pilbeam, but the real interest was in the other V8 being produced.

Adam Fleetwood had charged to a spate of 1100cc records with his OMS 2000M throughout 2002 and at the end of the year Father Roger ordered a GR55 complete with an untried new V8 engine.

Chassis GR55-01 appeared with a Nicholson McLaren XB engine. The NME V8, based on an early-90s Cosworth XB CART engine, is a normally aspirated V8 engine running on petrol. Initially the 130kg powerplant was used in 3.3 litre (600bhp) specification and carried Fleetwood to his first title. For 2004 though the unit was stretched to the ultimate 3.5 litre specification with over 650bhp available, and Fleetwood was unstoppable winning 28 of the 34 rounds that year.


Nicholson McLaren V8

NME V8 engine in Gould GR55 chassis


This engine design has won every BHC title since with Fleetwood, Martin Groves & Scott Moran.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    How did I miss Engine Technology Part 2?

  2. I second this (How did I miss Engine Technology Part 2?)

  3. James says:

    Don’t you mean ‘third’ Allan!?
    Apologies to all, something went pear-shaped with the scheduling of Part 2.
    This is now sorted a Part 2 should be along dreckly as we say in these parts….

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