Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 4

Now that we have had a look at the recent history of top-line speed hillclimb engines, lets a little bit of a closer look at the powerplants which should be at the top of the tree in 2012.

We’ll start with the motor that has dominated the podium of British Hillclimb Championships for the best part of the last decade and has taken 3 drivers to their titles, the Nicholson McLaren Engines XB V8.

Martin Groves Gould GR55

Martin Groves used NicMac V8 power for each of his four titles (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Based on the Cosworth XB and now available in four different capacity versions:

The ‘standard’ Indycar V8 capacity was 2.65 litre and Simon Durling used a non-turbo version at this capacity in 2005.

Simon Durling Gould GR55B

Simon Durling exlores the close confines of the Tunnel at Doune in his Gould GR55B with NME V8 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The ‘stretched’ Indycar V8 capacity is 2.8 litre. Alastair Crawford & Karl Davidson both have GR55s with this lower powered, but more drivable & higher revving configuration.

Basil Pitt Gould GR55C

Baz Pitt used 2.8l NME V8 in his GR55C (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The ‘standard’ LMP2 V8 capacity is 3.3 litre, Simon Durling (GR37) and the Fleetwoods (GR55) used this configuration in 2003.

The ‘stretched’ LMP2 V8 capacity is 3.5 litre and has been used to win 9 British Hillclimb Championships and 3 British Sprint Championships. This engine was also the basis for the GP Masters race series which featured Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi, Rene Arnoux and other F1 greats of years gone by.

2012 Drivers – Scott Moran, Roger Moran, Alastair Crawford

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