Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 5

Following on from the Nic Mac V8 which we covered in Part 4, we now look at one of the longest serving powerplants in the top 10 of the championship, the Judd V8.

Judd EV V8 Gould GR37 Mike Dean

A Judd EV in the back of Mike Dean's Gould GR37 in 2003

Judd V8

There are many different variants of Judd engines on the hills, the earlier engines were very much based on the company’s F1 forays of the late 80s/early 90s, whereas the newer engines are based on lessons learned in international sportscar racing since 1995.

SPA Judd Rob Turnbull

The Judd-powered SPA at Shelsley in 1993 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The Judd CV V8 was the first Judd engine to be seen on the hills and has generally been used in standard F1 3.5 litre spec although in 2003 Tim Mason commissioned Judd to stretch his CV to 4 litre using a very special bottom end.

The Judd EV V8 is definitely the most popular Judd on the hills and, to date, is the only variant to have claimed a BHC title (withRoy Lane in 1996 and Roger Moran in 1997). These engines were always a little peaky in 3.5 litre form but really came into their own when stretched to 4.0 litre.

Roy Lane Pilbeam MP58 Judd V8

Roy Lane won the 1996 BHC with Judd EV engine (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The Judd KV4 is the most powerful hillclimb engine Judd have produced. It is a 4 litre version of the 3.4 litre V8 LMP2 sportscar engine and produces over 700bhp. First used by Roger & Scott Moran in their Pilbeam (before they moved to the Gould-NME set-up) and then later by Jos Goodyear, Ash Mason & Steve Day.

2012 Drivers – Tom New, Deryk Young, Oliver Tomlin, Sandra Tomlin

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