Hillclimb Engine Technology – Part 9

Having had a quick gander at the Hayabusa V8 last week we are going to look at it’s base engine time time. Suzuki probably have more engines running on the hills than any other manufacturer, especially in the single-seater ranks. The motorcycle engines are lightweight, have an integral 6-speed sequential gearbox and have the potential for phenomenal power outputs in the right hands.

Jonathan Rarity MH Ghost

The exposed Suzuki Hayabusa in the MH Ghost Suzuki


All of the single-seater classes of up to 2 litre now predominently feature motorcycle engines at the sharp end, and in the case of the 1600cc & 2000cc classes this means the Suzuki Hayabusa. The Hayabusa (after the Japanese name for the peregrine falcon, which dives at 200mph) is, in standard form, a 1300cc, 4-cylinder, production motorcycle engine as used in the GSXR1300 Hayabusa sportsbike.

The engine is incredibly lightweight, has potential for huge increases in capacity & power over the standard specification and even comes complete with it’s own integral straightcut gearbox. It is perfect for racecar applications, perhaps even better suited to cars than to bikes!

Tony Hunt Force PC

Tony Hunt uses Suzuki Hayabusa power in his Force PC (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Since first appearing on the hills in 2001 the ‘busa has virtually dominated the 1600cc class taking records & wins all over the country at both club and national events. But since 2008, the ‘busa has also come to take over the results sheets of the 2-litre class in 1400cc supercharged form.

This looks set to continue into 2012 with several new car & driver combinations in both of these classes.

Eynon Price Force PC

Eynon Price won a BHC Run Off at Prescott with Suzuki power (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


2012 Drivers – Lee Adams, Richard Spedding, Jos Goodyear, Paul Haimes, Alex Summers & many others!

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