Historic Hillclimb Photography

You may have noticed that our History Section has been massively enhanced in recent times, thanks to the addition of some fabulous photographs.

Chris Dowson Brabham BT15

Chris Dowson's Brabham BT15 at Harewood in 1976

Steve Wilkinson, commentator, journalist & walking hillclimb encyclopedia, has kindly allowed us access to his library of images of hillclimbing over the last half century or so.

We are greatly indebted to Steve for allowing us to use these wonderful images.

You can view¬† Steve’s full catalogue of images, and his similar record of British Sprint Championship history at www.photoboxgallery.com/SRW-Sprintman, where they are also available to purchase.

Ed Hollier OMS SC1

Ed Hollier's OMS SC1 at Harewood in2007


Many thanks for this kind offer Steve, we owe you one.


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