Hobbit Hannam

South West hillclimb stalwart Peter ‘Hobbit’ Hannam made a return to the hills at Gurston Down over the weekend.

Hobbit Hannam Cooper T65

Hobbit prepares for his final run in the Cooper T65


Hobbit is more usually seen on the circuits these days competing in Club F3 and in Formula Ford races, but does occasionally have a run out on the hills when he gets a chance.

Having not had a run out on a hill so far on 2012 Hobbit accepted an invitation to co-drive Reg Broome’s lovely Cooper T65 at the Wiltshire hill. The car is an early sixties Formula Junior Cooper chassis which has been modified over the years and now features larger F3 type wheels, tyres and a 1600cc Lotus Twin Cam engine.

Hobbit had a great time in the car, helped Reg to solve a few problems with the set-up of the car, and handed the historic machine back in one piece.

Great stuff Hobbit, what will you drive for your 2013 hillclimb appearance!? 


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