Hollier in Pilbeam/motorcycle-engined switch

South West hillclimb star, and 2007 Leaders Champion, Ed Hollier will make a return to the hills in 2011. Former Terrapin and OMS driver Ed has acquired a Pilbeam MP62 chassis which he, along with father Bob, is re-engineering to replace the 2.8 Hart engine it was built for with a tuned Hayabusa engine. Although an earlier MP50 has been run with a bike-engine down in Cornwall previously, this will be the first time that a Pilbeam with a motorcycle installation has been seen at National Championship level.

Ed will certainly fly in this car and speedhillclimb.com will be there to report on his progress.


  1. [...] last Scottish Championship title winning Pilbeam is the same chassis which is currently in build in Ed Hollier’s Devonshire workshop. When it reappears in 2012 the car will have Hayabusa power instead of the [...]

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