Hollier’s Flying High!

The B ARC SW Region hosted a full weekend of hillclimbing at Gurston Down last weekend which included rounds of the ASWMC and ACSMC Championships as well as the venue’s own very popular Championship and Challenge.

Ed Hollier Pilbeam MP62

Ed Hollier on his way to another double FTD at Gurston in 2013 (thanks to www.everleyphotograpy.co.uk)


As always for events at the Wiltshire hill, Gurston’s Press Office Simon McBeath has sent over a very detailed report of all the classes at the event.

Saturday – in brief

Ed Hollier continued his run of early season success at Gurston on June 22nd with another commanding performance in the 1.6 Pilbeam MP62, setting the day’s only sub-30 second time on a drying track to take another BTD and 10 points in the Gurston Down Top Ten Challenge. Second fastest overall was classmate Peter D. Smith in his 1.6 Force almost a second adrift of Hollier, while third BTD went to Andy McBeath in his 1.3 supercharged OMS 25 just five hundredths behind Smith.

A close fought bike Top Ten Run Off saw the positions reversed from April with Martin Robbins (637cc KTM) easing out Sam Matthewman (1188cc Suzuki TL) by 14 hundredths to win on 33.18.
Sunday – in brief

Once again Devonian ace Ed Hollier saw off all-comers with a typically press-on style BTD at Gurston Down on June 24th in his all-conquering 1.6 Pilbeam MP62 Hayabusa. His fourth Gurston BTD of the season was also his third Top Ten Challenge maximum score to see him firmly in charge of that contest after round 3. His nearest challenger on the day and in the Challenge was again Peter D. Smith in his 1.6 Force, on this occasion just over a third of a second adrift of the flying Hollier. And a delighted Andy McBeath again set third BTD in his 1.3 supercharged OMS 25 with the day’s only other sub-29 second run.

In the Gurston Championship Ritchie Gatt emerged as series leader in his 2.0 Westfield after this the third round on 63.61 points, a fraction ahead of Adrian Flagg (2.0t Subaru Impreza) on 63.27 points. And in third now is former Gurston champion Mike Rudge (2.3 Westfield) on 63.00 points. The leader after round 2 the day before, Mark Mortimer (2.0 Mallock Mk 18B) was unable to start round 3 after shearing some wheel studs and was unable to effect repairs in order to maintain his challenge. However, with dropped scores to come into play later in the season, Mortimer could well still be a factor.

The bikes again put on a great display, and in the Top Ten Run Off the four fastest riders produced an incredible battle. Paul Jeffrey’s 510cc Honda CR put up a 33.26s which was first bettered by Glyn Poole (500cc Honda CR) by two hundredths, and then Martin Robbins (637cc KTM) went another two hundredths faster! But after being beaten by Robbins the day before the determined Sam Matthewman (1188cc Suzuki TL) produced an absolute flyer to set bike BTD and win the Run Off on 32.86s.
In the classes

Saturday’s event opened with classes for road legal cars in the ACSMC and ASWMC Hillclimb Championships. The ACSMC class went to Keith Hazell in his 1.6 Sylva Striker ahead of Jack Gammon’s 3.2 BMW M3. And the ASWMC class belonged to Steve Clark in his rapid 2.5t Subaru Impreza.

Next up the Porsche class saw a lovely variety of the German machines and Geraint Evans took the win by eight tenths in his 3.2 Carrera 3 from the 924S of Graham Rose, and David Hilton was third in his 3.0 911 just another half second behind.

Sunday’s invitation classes opened with the MGs, and Terry Drinkwater was flying in his 2.0 MGA Coupe. Second was Richard Withers in his 2.0 MGB GT and third by a whisker was Robert Orford in his 2.0 MGB Roadster.

In the Morgan class the rumbling 4 litre +8 of Alan Foster took a comfortable win. And the Ferrari class went to Richard Prior in his 3.5 litre F355GTB.
Gurston Championship classes

As always local and regional drivers featured strongly in the Gates of Brockenhurst Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship classes. In the roadgoing series production cars up to 2000cc Miles Horne took his 2.0 Peugeot 306 to the class win on Saturday by just 0.28 seconds from the rapid 1.8 Lotus Elan of Jon Longmead. On Sunday it was Gurston’s newest committee member Hannah Wiltshire who took her first win in her 2.0 Renault Clio Cup with a time very close to her personal best.

The roadgoing series production cars over 2000cc class belonged to Stephen Moore on both days although his 2.0t Mitsubishi Evo 6 was not on its usual pace. Simon Neve ran on Saturday in his 2.3t Evo 6 and closed to within 0.6 seconds of Moore. On Sunday Tim Painter was just 0.52secs away in the 3.6 Porsche 911 of co-driver Andy Fraser! Jules Freeman and Lewis Fanner both had a fraught time at the Karousel hairpin, Jules sliding into the bales on Saturday and Lewis spinning on the approach on both days!

There was a great battle over the whole weekend in the roadgoing specialist production cars class as Steve Holland (1.3 Caterham Superlight) won by 0.08 seconds Piers Thynne (1.3t Westfield Megabusa) on Saturday. Piers was struggling with an engine mapping issue but nevertheless got his revenge with a 0.55 second win over Steve on Sunday! Martin Watson was third on both days in his 2.0 Westfield SEiW.

In the modified limited production marque sports car class Gurston’s treasurer Dee Stapley and her daughter Steph Limb enjoyed a family tussle in Dee’s 1.8 MGF, with mother seeing off daughter by a respectful margin on Saturday. On Sunday Ian and Karl Chard joined the class in their 1.8 Mazda MX5 and Ian romped to the win as Karl first suffered a misfire and after that was fixed then visited the barriers at Karousel hairpin. Steph Limb brought the MGF into second place with a personal best time to add to the mechanical engineering degree she learned she had gained this weekend!

The modified limited production marque sports car class also produced a good scrap over the weekend. On Saturday Steve Holley came through to snatch the win by 0.92 seconds in his 5.2 TVR Griffith as Graham Beale found himself with the wrong tyres on his 2.0t Ginetta G33 in the drying conditions. On Sunday’s dry track Graham reversed the positions with a couple of well-drive runs to win by 0.84 seconds from Steve.

Graham Beale Ginetta G33

Graham Beale was mighty in the dry on Sunday (thanks to www.everleyphotograpy.co.uk)


In the up to 1400cc modified series production car class the visitors saw off the locals as Mark Shillaber took his rapid 1.3 Ford Fiesta to the win ahead of Martin Depper in his 1.4 Rover Mini Cooper, this pair just 0.30 seconds apart and the only drivers to go sub-37 seconds over the weekend in this class. Neil Turner brought his 1.4 Mini Cooper ‘S’ into third, just 0.53 seconds behind the winner. With no Mark Shillaber running on Sunday Martin Depper took the win from Turner by 0.74 seconds.

And in the up to 2000cc modified series production car class once again on Saturday the visiting Colin Satchell bagged the win in his rapid Peugeot 205 GTi from Karl Stevens in his 2.0 Ford Escort and Paul Webster in his 1.9 Mazda MX5. On Sunday with Colin Satchell absent, Karl Stevens won by 0.99 seconds from Paul Webster, and Miles Horne, now running in this class, came through for third in his 2.0 Peugeot 306.

In the over 2000cc modified series production cars class the Flaggs were flying as predicted! Adrian Flagg won on both days from father David, but in Saturday’s tricky conditions David was just eight tenths behind.

Adrian Flagg Subaru Impreza

Adrian Flagg in his Impreza at Hollow Bend (thanks to www.everleyphotograpy.co.uk)


The up to 2000cc modified specialist production class has produced Gurston champions in the past, and the joint leader going into this weekend was Ritchie Gatt in his 2.0 Westfield SEiW. Gatt did his cause no harm at all with wins on both days and he emerged from the weekend as the sole series leader. But he was made to work for his win on Saturday with Geoff Blake (2.0 Westfield SEi) and Ben Shalders (1.8 Caterham R400) leading him at the half way point. But the series leader stormed through for the win from Geoff Blake by 0.61 seconds. On Sunday class newcomer Neal Masters was carving chunks off his times as he adapted to the new car and ended the day in second place behind Gatt.

Former champion and 2013 series contender Mike Rudge was always in charge in the over 2000cc modified specialist production cars class in his 2.3 Westfield, and even in Saturday’s changing conditions he was just one second away from his class record, closing to just 0.52 seconds from it on Sunday to stay near the top of the table.

The Historically Interesting Cars class proved especially interesting on this weekend! Former class record holder Fyrth Crosse brought his 1.6 Ensign LNF3 into top spot on both days with times well in the 33 second bracket. But Gurston committee member and also former class record holder Geoff Hunt was sharing his 1.6 Lotus 22 with well-known racecar preparation expert Simon Hadfield. On Saturday Hunt was runner up to Crosse by 0.53 seconds but on Sunday Hadfield not only bettered Hunt by half a second but he also closed to just within 0.15 seconds of the winner!

Coming into the weekend Mark Mortimer was joint leader of the Gurston Championship in his 2.0 Mallock Mk 18B, and he duly racked up another Hillclimb Supersports class win in Saturday’s tricky conditions. But sheared wheel studs prevented further running after his single timed run on Saturday so he was unable to add to his points tally in Sunday’s event, dropping him out of contention for the time being, until perhaps ‘dropped scores’ come into play at the final round in September. The Hillclimb Supersports class thus went to Derek Harris in his 1.7 Mallock Mk 17B on Sunday.

The up to 2000cc sports libre class once more generated a great battle over the weekend. On Saturday’s tricky track Keith Diggle exploited the torque of his 2.0 WEV HCS to win by 0.16 seconds from Gurston championship sponsor Jonathan Gates, with Gates’s co-driver Peter Sexton third in their shared 1.6 Force LM. However in Sunday’s dry conditions the super smooth Sexton surged through for a commanding 0.56 second win from Diggle, who snuck past Gates, second at half time, by just three hundredths!

Peter Sexton Force LM

Pete Sexton took the win on Sunday with his shared Force (thanks to www.everleyphotograpy.co.uk)


The over 2000cc sports libre class only ran on Sunday and here Chris Cannell and Sue Hayes brought out their awesome twin engine Force SR8, with Cannell taking the win.

The historic racing cars of the 500 Owners Association were out in numbers this weekend especially on Sunday. Saturday saw a decent scrap with Alistair Dent taking the win in his Hornet F3 from John Forsyth in his Alfa Dana and John Dent in his Cooper Mk 8. On Sunday Mark Riley was one of several more drivers to join the class, and he won in his Creamer JAP from John Dent and Alistair Dent.

In contrast to the historic racers, in the up to 1100cc racing car class one of the newest cars on the hills won on Saturday, John Oxborrow taking his self-built 1-litre OX7 to its maiden win ahead of now regular rivals Calum Kemp (1.1 OMS PR) and James Moore (1.1 OMS 2000M). On Sunday Calum Kemp took the win by the closest winning margin of the day as he saw off James Moore by just three hundredths!

The 1600cc racing car class always looked as though it would belong to Ed Hollier (1.6 Pilbeam MP62), but although he had a 0.95 second margin over Peter D. Smith (1.6 Force) on Saturday, with Mike Lee (1.6 OMS 2000M) in third, on Sunday Smith had cut the winning margin to just 0.35 seconds, with his co-driver Richard Gaylard in third.

The combined over 1600cc racing car class saw former Gurston regular Andy McBeath return in his 1.3 supercharged OMS 25 after a year’s break from racing, and with his pace picking all weekend he won the class on both days and was delighted to drop below 30 seconds first time up on Sunday.
The bikes

The 250cc solo class went both days to James Gibson from Devon on his Honda 250, the 350 class saw Toby Price from Oxfordshire get the double on his Yamaha 350, the 500cc class went on Saturday to Peter Short from Devon on his 450 KTM while on Sunday former outright bike hill record holder at Gurston Glyn Poole from Northampton won the class on his 500 Honda CR. The 750 class went to Martin Robbins from Worcester on his 637 KTM on Saturday, while the 1300cc class was Yorkshireman Sam Matthewman’s each day on his 1188cc Suzuki.

The bike Top Ten Run Offs produced some close action. On Saturday Martin Robbins came through for first place and bike BTD on his KTM with Matthewman just 0.14 seconds behind in second place. On Sunday Matthewman got his revenge with first place, BTD and fastest bike time of the weekend 0.36 seconds ahead of Glyn Poole, he in turn two hundredths in front of Robbins with Paul Jeffrey from Devon another two hundredths behind in fourth.

Sam Matthewman Aprillia

Sam Matthewman pushed hard all weekend (thanks to www.everleyphotograpy.co.uk)

Next event

The next meeting at Gurston Down over the weekend of July 20th/21st is the ‘Spire FM Race Day’ featuring ‘The Gurston 1000’. One driver WILL win £1000 for either beating his or her class record by the greatest margin or coming closest to it. The event will also be a round of the TTC Group Midland Hillclimb Championship and the BMTR Top Ten Challenge as well as round 4 of the Gates of Brockenhurst Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship and Top Ten Challenge. The competition will be intense…

Keep up to speed on the Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb web site www.gurstondown.org

Thanks so much for the report Simon, shame that we couldn’t be there. We will be back for the Midland Championship event in July though!

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