Hollier’s Handle!

Double FTD boy Ed Hollier acquired himself a new nickname at Gurston Down over the weekend.

The mega-quick, Devonshire-based, former Hillclimb Leaders Champion arrived at Gurston Down with a very swanky new black Alpinestars racesuit and wandered round for much of the day on Saturday (when there was actually some sun visible) wearing a pair of Oakley Aviators.

Combine his new kit with his spikey blonde hair, and his determined driving style and this rapidly lead to the nickname of Kimi Hollier!

Ed Hollier Kimi Raikkonnen

Kimi Hollier after his FTD run on Saturday!


Only one question though, would the Devonshire version of Kimi say “I don’t know what I’m doing” over the pit to car radio rather than “I know what I’m doing”!?

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