Hot Shots

The eagle-eyed amongst you who were loitering around in the paddock early on Saturday morning at the recent Gurston Down BHC event will have spotted Mr Editor wielding an usual looking camera!

In order to check out some of the temperatures being generated by Paul Haimes’ turbo-charged Gould GR59 we borrowed a thermal imaging camera from a mate.

Although the camera ended up being a little too bulky to be sent up the hill with Paul to gain a proper picture of what was going on, we did manage to get some interesting info about bodywork surface temperatures, particularly around the turbo which lives in the left sidepod.

We will repeat this exercise at Harewood in July where some shots of cars coming directly off of the hill will be easier to get.

Just as a snapshot though, here are a couple of the snaps we gained at Gurston.

Gurston Down

The sidepod area of the GR59


Gurston Down

Our Correspondent (who has seen these cameras twice before apparently) and Andy Barton



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