Jersey Bank Holiday Action

As well as the Bank Holiday event on the Channel Island of Guernsey which we have covered elsewhere, there was also an event on the neighbouring Island of Jersey.

Bouley Bay Hillclimb

The spectacular Bouley Bay paddock


Although he wasn’t there in person, our Channel Island Correspondent ‘The Voice’ has sussed out all of the important goss from the ‘other’ Island, and has put together a great report in his usual unbiased style!

“Far be it for me to harp on about the rivalry between the two Islands but it was pointed out to me earlier today that whilst we were all busy here relishing in the success of our event on August bank Holiday Monday, some of our top guys sneaked over the water and did the Jersey event instead…….and we won!!!

Paul “Sooty” Priaulx set BTD with a 41.69 and to say the least is delighted at beating all the Crapuads when he would normally be here resetting record after record…He likes to “Carp” on about his achievements does our Sooty so lets just say, the boy done well….and he beat Ricky Le Cheminant this time (although we still have to remind him that Ricky still has the record that he set at the Jersey National when he thrashed him last time!!)

Also appearing over the water was none other than John “The Bunman” Dunne in his Comfy Evo. John absolutely thrashed the record set by a Jerseyman last year by, and wait for this……5.28 seconds recording a 47.73 on only his third event in Jersey, and his first time out there in his road car. He is nonchalant about the record as ever claiming that a 48 had been done in the class but the record clearly shows otherwise. Either way, it was a fine drive by the larger than life Guernseyman who just continues to trundle about his business setting record after record after record.

Of course the Jersey gang did ok too with no less than 8 of them setting records, the best of which went to Oliver Holmes on his Bikers Jersey KTM 477, His 43.30 is now the fastest time set by any motorcycle on the twisty Bouley Bay hill and is a great achievement. The other record setters were :- Larry Vibert , Steve Leonard, Jeremy Phillips, Tom Walker, Adam Vibert, Jack Butel and our very own adopted Guernseyman from Jersey Mick Lancashire.”

Great stuff Lee, thanks as ever mate…

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