Jo Jo’s Ready For Action!

Over the course of last week, in the small Devonshire town of Newton Abbott, a minor miracle occurred.

Jo Hodgson Lotus Elan

Jo Hodgson’s Elan at Wiscombe back in 2011


As many of you will know, our Responsible Adult here at, Jo Hodgson had a pretty big off on the approach to Sawbench Hairpin at Wiscombe Park’s 500 Owners Association clubby on 11th May.

Whilst fortunately not suffering any mechanical damage at all, the Kings Mews Elan’s partly-airbourne trip through the rhododendrons inflicted some severe scarring to the fibreglass body of the Lotus.

Jo Hodgson Lotus Elan

The Elan awaiting collection from Sawbench Hairpin (thanks to Tony Freeman)


Jo Hodgson Lotus Elan

The roof and right hand side bore the brunt of the damage (thanks to Tony Freeman)


After investigating the damage, as well as a few local fibreglass repair specialists, a repairers was found in the same town that Jo and her husband Roger live in. Best of all, he had no work on for that week and was able to start immediately.

Jo Hodgson Lotus Elan

Work in progress in Roger Wicken’s workshop (thanks to Roger Hodgson)



Roger Wicken is a former South West scrambler running Maco bikes and ran a shop in Newton Abbott called DMX Competition Motorcycles, these days he does glass work to larger vehicles like coaches. If you need glass fibre work done and would like Roger to look at it, then drop us a line and we’ll pass on his phone number, he comes highly recommended!

So it was that the little Elan rolled out of the workshop last Saturday morning, not painted, but repaired and fit for action yet again!

Jo Hodgson Lotus Elan

Back in the workshop at Kings Mews, ready for Ireland (thanks to Roger Hodgson)


The best news in this is that Jo will now be able to attend the big British Women Racing Drivers Club event at the Cultra Hillclimb near Belfast on June 1st & 2nd. Jo comes from a great family of Irish race & rally drivers and is hugely looking forward to competing on the other side of the Irish Sea for the first time.

Congratulations to everyone involved in getting the car back on its wheels again, from Bryan and Darren at Kings Mews, to Roger the glass man, and especially to Roger Hodgson for getting this all sorted so quickly. Great stuff guys!

PS- We were amused to see in the photos that one small section of the right hand side of the Elan has remained completely unscathed in the incident. So thanks for looking after the logo so well Jo Jo!!

Jo Hodgson Lotus Elan

Pride of place on the side of the Elan (thanks to Roger Hodgson)!


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