Kimbers is Back!

The British Championship finale at Loton Park saw former Leaders Championship front-runner Dave Kimberley have another run out in Bill Chaplin’s Empire Force DS600.

Dave Kimberley Empire Force DS600


Having had a play in the little Suzuki GSXR engined car at Loton Park back in May, Dave was keen to have another stab at beating the car’s owner/constructor.

The Demon Tweeks salesman has been competing since the early 90s with Caterham, Vision, Sark and Force cars, but hasn’t driven regularly on the hills since his Force PC was sold to Eynon Price at the end of 2008.

Dave ran in second place in the five strong 600cc Racing Car Class for most of the weekend, but pulled out a storming 52.79s in the afternoon runs on Sunday to take the lead. Chaplin couldn’t respond with his final run and the interloper took the win!

After thoroughly enjoying his run in the high-revving little lightweight, Dave is now looking forward to (finally!) getting his long-term project, a Caterham-Hayabusa, out sometime soon.

We can’t wait much longer Dave!

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