King of the Castle

As well as the hillclimb action going on at Loton Park in Shropshire, the Camel Vale Motor Club in Cornwall also ran a pair of ASWMC Hillclimb Championship events at the brilliant Castle Hillclimb, near Lostwithiel in Cornwall.

David Sims Ralt RT33

David Sims in action at Manor Farm Hillclimb (thanks to


The short, but technical, and very fast hill is almost like a ‘reverse’ Shelsley Walsh and is very popular in the West Country. Healthy entries are always received at this challenging course.

Devonshire driver David Sims crossed the border into the Dutchy and left with the treasure in his Ralt RT33/34, beating the Cornish locals on both days.

On Saturday he was chased at arm’s length by his Father Revvin’ Roy Sims after local hotshoe Andy Dinner suffered electrical problems with his ex. Snailham/Frost/New Pilbeam MP82. The carbon fibre OMS’ of Ian Tucker and Neal Coles completed the top four.

Dinner was back in action again on the Sunday and gave Sims a real run for his money. David was in charge again though and held on to a 2/10th lead to snatch the win. Dinner was second, ahead of Sims Snr, Coles and Tucker.

Full results are available at the excellent!

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