Lancias Love Loton!

Hagley & District Light Car Club attracted a pair of stunning, World Rally Championship derived Lancias to the British Hillclimb Championship finale at their Loton Park venue.

Lancia 037 Rallye

Lancias line-up at Loton Park


Back in the 70s, 80s & early 90s the Turin-based motor manufacturer was at the very top of the World Rally Championship with models ranging from the dainty Fulvia to the vicious Stratos.

The most successful Lancias from the period though were the wedge-shaped, Monte Carlo-based 037 Rallye and the boxy, angular Delta with 11 World Rally Championship titles between them. An example of each of these wonderful cars were competing at the Shropshire hill.

The 037 Rallye was a two-wheel drive, supercharged, spaceframe car which was debuted in 1982 and remained competitive until early in 1985 when it was finally overcome by its 4×4 rivals. The genius of Walter Rohrl allowed this car to take the WRC Manufacturers title in 1983 despite stern opposition from the Audi Quattro.

In 1985 Lancia stunned everyone in rallying by unveiling the ugly, but brutal Lancia Delta S4. Another spaceframe special, this time clothed in Kevlar, featuring a super-charger AND a turbo-charger and, finally, four-wheel drive. It was a step too far however, and the car contributed to Group B being banned at the end of the 1986 season.

Lancia Delta Spaceframe

Semi-Spaceframe Lancia Delta


Lancia didn’t give up though, they developed a far more standard, turbo & 4×4 Delta for the 1987 Group A regs and proceeded to dominate the WRC with ten titles over the next six years!

The cars which appeared at Loton were a road-going ‘Homologation Special’ version of the 037 Rallye and a semi-spaceframed, very highly modified, short-wheel base Delta.

They looked and sounded great on the hill and attracted a lot of attention every time they rolled up to the startline.

Hope it’s not the last time we see these Italian stunners on the hills.

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