Le Val des Terres – 2014 Events

The calendar tour of the UK continues today with another visit across the English Channel, this time to the Crown Dependency of Guernsey.

Jon Dunne Lancer Evo

John ‘Bunman’ Dunne prepares for a run at Terres Hill (thanks to The Voice).


Le Val des Terres Hillclimb which runs out of the Island capital St. Peter Port is another public road venue which is hugely popular with spectators and competitors alike.

The following dates are the event weekends for Le Val des Terres Hillclimb during 2014:


Car Hillclimb – Monday 21st April

Car Hillclimb – Monday 5th May

Kart Hilllcimb – Monday 26th May

British Hillclimb Championship – Saturday 19th July

Kart Hillclimb – Saturday 6th September


More details of the events at Loton Park Hillclimb can be found at www.gmccc.co.uk!


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