Loton’s Young Chargers

Although most attention was on the Top 12 contenders and the Midland Challengers at Loton, one of the most interesting scraps to be decided was the Midland Under 25s Award.

Under 25s Contenders at Loton Park

This is awarded for the highest scoring Under 25 within the Midland Series and for 2011 has developed into a battle between Dave Warburton (Class B1 Caterham) and Alex Summers (Class K DJ Firehark).

Since a slow start to the year, Dave Warby has stormed to the head of this competition with a string of new class records in the ever-competitive Class B1.

Alex Summers has been one of the stars of the season with the newly acquired ex. Gregory DJ Firestorm. Despite all of the Dallaras disappearing from the 2-litre class at once, Summers has still had stern competition from John Chalmers and Morgan Jenkins (amongst others) giving him a tough time in the class runs.

Warburton held the upper hand going into the Loton finale, but had a 3pt score to drop and is in one of the most competitive classes in the country, one slip can drop you from 1st to 7th at most events.

Summers did everything he needed to, winning the class with a storming run, and also qualified for both Run Offs (scoring a brilliant 2nd in the 1st of these).

‘Little Warby’ however had his challenge stymied by the weather. He was 3rd car on the hill and, without the benefit of a morning practice run, had to attack the course without knowing what the conditions were like. It was the same on the afternoon runs as the hill was now dry. He pushed hard, maybe too hard as he had several lock-ups and tail-slides, but had to give best to an ever modest Dave Wilson in class.

Summers claimed a deserved Under 25s Challenge and also won 3 free entries to Midlands events next year.

Well done to both, your charging runs have kept those of us in the spectator areas entertained all season!

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