Mannics Quick!

This year at we have been able to report several times on the resurgence of one of our favourite classes in British Hillclimbing. The Unlimited Sports Libre class has suffered from a lack of entries in recent years, but this season a couple of old favourites have been dusted down (SPA-Judd & Metro TPR4100) and 2-litre car has stepped up a class (Force SR4) and there is even a new-build coming along (Empire Sportscar).


Nik Mann Mannic Beattie

The Mannic-Beattie heads to the startline at Gurston Down


However, as preveiwed by us last week, at Gurston Down last weekend we saw the return to action of one of the real crowd-pleasers in our sport. The 4×4, turbo-charged, turbine-boosted Mannic-Beattie of Nik Mann.

Nik has modified the car in the couple of years it has been absent, and it now has a much larger gas turbine installed.

This turbine now has a dual function. As before, it provides constant pressure to the turbo to keep the boost high but now, due to a very impressive looking exhaust system, it also feeds directly into a full-width rear diffuser.

Nik Mann Mannic Beattie


Nik Mann Mannic Beattie


So, this is the first fully hot-blown diffuser to be seen on the hills. The beauty of doing this with the turbine exhaust is that it always runs at maximum revs, and therefore the diffuser produces consistent downforce regardless of ground speed. The car, which always had a very unique sound, now has an even more distinctive noise. When the turbine is unleashed, there is a distinct howl from the diffuser which sounds not unlike the Olympus turbojet engines in the stunning Vulcan V-Bomber!



The car attracted attention all weekend long and huge crowds gathered at the startline for every run. In fact the wall of people pointing camera phones at the car off of the line was reminiscent of the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, to the great embarrassment of the officials manning the startline (Duncan & Dave, we’re talking about YOU!).

Yet again this clever engineer has produced something technically interesting, crowd-pleasing and stunningly fast.

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