Marlet Mods

The Martlet-Suzuki of Tony & Adam Steel made an appearance at Gurston at the weekend. The Father & Son team were using the event as a chance to try out a couple of new developments on the rapid 1100 Class Contender.

The most obvious of these developments was a new carbon fibre front wing. The new wing, which Tony reckons he has borrowed from his local fish ‘n’ chip shop owner, seemed to have a few problems with wheel clearance early on on Sunday morning.

Borrowed front wing on the Martlet

Unfortunately the drying conditions, combined with a really strong head-wind, stopped any really useful data being gained.

Incidentally, the team have now entered the car in 24 events, and it has scored 23 class victories. Tony looked a little sheepish when I asked who had let the side down!

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