Mason’s Return & Jenkins Make a Change

It was good to see a much healthier 2-litre Racing Car class at Gurston Down last weekend, although non-starters and retirements did slightly deplete the entry by the close of play on Sunday.

The class, once the most popular in the paddock, has seen seriously reduced numbers of competitors at many events in 2011. Gurston was different though with 15 cars entered. Four non-starters reduced this to 11 as the Moyse family (new car not ready) and the Morris/Davies Pilbeam (damage sustained at Shelsley) were unfortunately absent.

Morgan Jenkins and Amy Tomlin were sharing their ex. Harratt/Pitt/Tregoning Pilbeam, but suffered from a head gasket failure on Saturday afternoon. Rather than abandon their weekends motorsport though, Amy headed for home and collected her Mazda MX5 for a few runs on Sunday, whereas Morgan accepted the offer of a shared drive with paddock neighbour Alex Summers in his DJ Firehawk.

Despite being a little taken aback by Alex’s somewhat chilled out approach to hillclimbing (“don’t bother checking the tyre pressures Morgan, they’ll be alright”) Jenkins enjoyed his play in the supercharged, bike-engined DJ and nearly broke into the sub-30s bracket.

Also in the class and making their first hillclimb appearance of the year were the Mason family, Tim & Will. The father & son team returned with their familiar Reynard-Peugeot in which Will became the youngest ever winner of a BHC round at Wiscombe Park back in 2005.

Despite running on 3 year old rubber, and suffering from incorrect gearing (lots of rev-limiter action through Hollow and over the finish), the Mason’s battled on and Will narrowly missed out on the class win after just being pipped by Summers on the 2nd runs.

Welcome back guys, it’s great to see some more quick guys back in this once great class.

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