McDonald’s Mighty Mini

The Shelsley Walsh season opener at the weekend was our first opportunity to have a look at Allan McDonald’s latest Mini-based hillclimb creation.

Allan McDonald Mini Evo

Allan McDonald's wild Mini Evo 4x4 car

Having built the Mini Busa, which was rapidly followed by the 2011 MiniRu, both based on Z-Cars spaceframe chassis, this years version is the wildest yet.

This time around Allan has merged Mitsubishi Evo 2 running gear with a Z-Cars Mini to create the Mini Evo, or the Bad Wolf as Allan calls it!

And it certainly is a Bad Wolf, the car appears to have great traction and a healthy dose of grunt, so much in fact that it requires some appendages to keep it on the ground.

Allan McDonald Mini Evo Shelsley Walsh

Chin Spoilers to Balance the aero

Allan McDonald Mini Bus Shelsley Walsh

....And a huge GWR Racing rear wing to provide the downforce

Special building is the cornerstone of hillclimbing, and it is great to see Allan continuing this tradition. His season may be slightly shortened this year as he accidentally bought a motorcycle dealership last week, but we are sure that McDonald will have a load of fun in his new beasty!

Allan McDonald Mini Evo Shelsley Walsh

It's a tight fit in the engine bay of this Min'

There is a long-running thread documenting the build of this cracking car on the ever excellent uphillracers forum.


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