Mechanical Maladies

The hot competition at Shelsley Walsh over the weekend was possibly one of the causes of the large number of mechanical failures suffered.

The first problem to occur on Saturday morning saw the biggest knock-on effect for the rest of the field. Ford Puma driver Mike Manning suffered a comprehensive failure of his rallycross spec Cosworth turbo engine just after Kennel Bend. Unfortunately the resultant oil spill covered most of the course and a thick white line of cement & plaster (used to absorb the fluid) was evident all weekend.

However Mike was not to be put off by a small issue like that! On Saturday afternoon he took the Puma back to his West Wales garage and returned with his fun road car. Manning competed with his lovely Noble M12 on Sunday having moved to the road-going classes.

Last weekend’s Loton Park FTD winner Mike Tregoning suffered the after-effects of an overrev last Sunday. The Rover KV6 engine in the Cornishman’s Pilbeam MP88 dropped a valve during Shelsley practice on Saturday afternoon. Mike was pretty relaxed about the incident as he chilled out and enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday… The perfect preparation for a mid-week rebuild!

Sunday evening was drawing in and most spectators were getting ready to watch the 2nd Top 12 Run Off as the pre-1985 class took to the hill for their final run of the weekend. Unfortunately Jon Varley’s Cosworth engine in his March 77P single-seater was a little too relaxed as well. The BDA spectacularly lunched itself mid-way up the course and provided a nice little oil slick for the championship runner to contend with in the points-paying Run Off.

It's Got a Water Leak! Jon Varley's BDA

As well as these major engine issues, there were numerous transmission issues affecting gearboxes, drive-shafts and diff including shaft failures for Tony Tewson and Oliver Tomlin in the unlimited class.


  1. George emmerson says:

    Don’t forget about the terrible accident John Mckenzie had in the radical at kennel which he thankfully came away from un harmed.

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