Mega Hillclimb Onboard!

Whilst sifting through youtube for evidence of Steve Day testing his new GWR Raptor we stumbled across some awesome hillclimb onboard footage!

Morgan Jenkins Pilbeam MP87

Morgan Jenkins with the Pilbeam MP87 at Harewood


Morgan Jenkins, along with wife Amy, have been competing in the 2-litre class on the hills for a few years now with their ex. Harratt/Pitt/Tregoning Pilbeam-Vauxhall MP87, a car which is currently for sale.

Very occasionally you see a driver on the hills who is perfectly in tune with their car and as a result can make it dance in order to achieve amazing results. For some time we have thought that Morgan and the Pilbeam have been in this catagory.

Check out this video to see the Pilbeam dance at Loton Park. Morgan reckons that there is more to come, but we really aren’t sure where!


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