Midland Speed Changes

We have recently received an email from 2012 BHC contender and Midland Speed Championship committee member Gary Thomas, informing us of some of the changes taking place in the MSC for 2013.

This ever popular series, which combines hills and sprints across the whole of the UK, suffered from a few technical problems during the 2012 season, but Gary reports that the series is well on its way to a return to full strength next year.

Gary confirmed the following changes:

Following a difficult year the MSC Committee are pleased to announce
major improvements for 2013

- A new Championship Sponsor

- A large calendar to cover the many parts of mainland UK Country

- An opportunity to keep travelling costs down by running in your home

- Eight ‘double headers’ with 2 scoring rounds at one weekend.

- A new website enabling scores target times and up to date
information to be readily available.

- The Midland Speed Club will continue as before but ‘Midland’ is
being dropped from Championship name to reflect the National nature of
our speed Championship.

- Improvements to the Regulations for the 2013 Season.

The name from 2013 will be the Service Hydraulics Speed Championship

The new website will be launched very soon.

The combined membership and registration fee is £30.00

More details will follow shortly.

Keep an eye out on www.midlandspeed.org.uk for the full list of changes when the new site is launched.

Thanks for the heads-up on this Gary, hopefully this series will be back to full health in ’13.


  1. gary Thomas says:

    The new speed championship website is now fully running at http://www.speedchampionship.org.uk .
    Even at this early stage there are more registered contenders than in 2012.

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