Mini Evolution

Having previously built a Suzuki Hayabusa powered Rear-wheel drive spaceframe Mini for hillclimbing, and spent last winter building a 4WD Suzuki swift engined version for 2011, Scotsman Allan McDonald is at it again.

Allan McDonald's 2011 spaceframe Mini

The former motorcycle road racer has begun to build his most radical car yet. He is shoe-horning the running gear from an early Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution into yet another spaceframe Mini.

The Z Cars shell will now have 4 Wheel-drive and over 300bhp from the 2-litre 16v powerplant.

The car is coming along at a seriously rapid rate, mainly because Allan wants to get as much done as possible before the Scottish winter deters him from going in the garage!

As with his previous creations, Allan is documenting the build in a thread on the excellent uphillracers web forum.


  1. Kev Hamilton says:

    Can’t wait to see it in action. Knowing Allan, it will be spectacular!

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