Monster Pilbeam Heads to the Circuits

We understand that a deal is nearing completiton for the sale of the incredibly exciting Pilbeam-Judd that has been run in recent years by Steve Day & Ash Mason. The car is due to be sold to sprinter Mike Musson and will be run within the British Sprint Championship alongside it’s sister car of the Robb family.

Chassis MP97-01 was developed by Barry & Jos Goodyear and grew out of the turbo-charged, Millington-engined MP87-01B that they campaigned previously. The major difference when they upgraded the car was a monsterous 4-litre Judd KV V8 which puts out over 700bhp! This is the most powerful engine that Judd have ever produced for the hills.

The tight confines of the hills have always proved to be a bit of a problem for this beasty, whoever has driven it, although Jos Goodyear won a BHC round at Gurston Down and finished a creditable 6th in the 2008 championship. The race circuits of the UK will certainly provide the best environment for this amazing bit of kit.

The only question remaining is what will happen to Musson’s ‘Morse’, his current sprint car. The chassis is a heavily modified Force PT carbon tub which, having featured many engine configurations over the years, currently runs with a Jack Frost built turbo-charged hayabusa unit. This car could be a great hillclimb car for anyone wanting to take on the DJ Firehawk and Gould GR59 in the 2012 BHC 2-litre class.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Did you say a GR59? What is a GR59? I thought any talk about the GR59 was forbidden.
    Is there any news about what Ash mason and Steve Day will do next?

  2. Andy Barton says:

    MP97′s power output was once said [At Gurston Down] to be 720bhp at 10,400rpm.

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