More Empire Progress

New Empire Racing Cars customer Clive Austin has been on a visit to the carbon shop where the tub of his 2013 car is being manufactured.

Empire Racing Cars Clive Austin

The tub buck of the new car at Panther Composites (loving the Williams FW14 pic in the background!)


Panther Composites are a top-line carbon fibre specialist. Based on the main road between Banbury and Kidlington in Oxfordshire, right in the heart of the UK’s ‘carbon fibre triangle’, Panther supply bespoke carbon parts and tooling for F1, F3, Sportscars and also hillclimb cars.

Panther have produced many hillclimb chassis over the years for Force Racing Cars and now for Empire as well.

Thanks for sending this image over Clive, it is great to see the car ‘growing’ in front of our eyes!

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