More Force Trading

Hot on the heels of the news from the weekend that the Dunbar family will be graduating to the single-seater ranks for 2014, we have heard that another competitor is trading a Westfield for a Force.

Jonathan Toulmin Force PT

Jonathan Toulmin used this Force PC for several seasons (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


The man who is responsible for the preparation of ‘Roobarb’, the red Westfield used by Andy & Debbie Dunbar, and the driver of the yellow sister Westfield ‘Custard’ Peter Kukainis has acquired a Force PT.

Kukainis, the 1998 Aldon HSA Speed Champion, will run the ex. Guy Gibson Force PT car which he has purchased from sprinter Jonathan Toulmin from 2014 onwards. This PT runs a Hayabusa power plant, rather than the GSXR1000 engine in the Dunbar car, which Kukainis will retain. This puts the car into the 1600cc Racing Car Class.

Former Unlimited Class runner Toulmin will be returning to the Tony Pashley built Marengo 2 spaceframe-chassised 1100cc car which he has owned for many years.

We are sure that everyone will have a blast with their new toys in 2014!


  1. Tim Higgins says:

    It’s a pity you didn’t post videos of all class b runners at Loton as car 30 is the 2013 Loton Park Championship Winner & also contests the MHC

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