More Grunt for Warbys

Class B1 in the Midland Hillclimb Championship is one of the best supported, most enjoyable and keenly contested single classes anywhere in the country.

Class B1 Dave Wilson Caterham

The cakes are handed out at the B1 Class Party, Loton Park 2011.


The competitors who mostly (but not exclusively) run LoCaterField chassis scrap for every hundredth of a second on the track and enjoy a very healthy level of banter and moral support off of the course.

We have recent discovered that there are to be some changes to this brilliant class for 2013.

Instead of the Specialist Production classes being split at 2000cc as they have been so far, Class B1 and B2 are to be amalgamated into a single all-encompassing class with no capacity limit. Presumably this has been done due to the smaller competitor numbers in the over 2000cc class as well as the fact that in many cases the under 2000cc cars have been quicker.

One crew in particular are using this class change as a reason to seriously enhance their hillclimb package.

Allan and Dave Warburton have become stalwarts of this class over the past 5 or 6 years with their Caterham K-Series, and Dave became the man to beat in the class until the arrival of Hayabusa motorcycle engines into the class in 2012.

Dave Warburton Caterham 7

Dave Warburton in the que at Shelsley Walsh


For 2013 DTA Race Electronics Boss Allan will be installing a monster 2.5 litre Duratec engine into the chassis.

The engine is being built by John Reed @ JRE down in Plymouth and will produce over 330bhp. In order to harness the power, the motor will be strapped to a new sequential gearbox from French manufacturer Sadev.

It is fantastic to see the Warby’s go down a different route to the Hayabusa approach, variety is what makes our sport brilliant!

We cannot wait to see this new combo out on the hills, Little Warby was a little demoralised by not being able to compete with Darren Luke in the class in 2012, but with an extra 90bhp at his disposal he should really fly!


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