More MP101 Details

Hot on the heels of our post at the end of last week bringing news of the new Pilbeam chassis which have recently been unveiled, we have some more details about the hillclimb chassis which has been ordered by Mike Tregoning.


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

The MP101 was unveiled on the Pilbeam website last month (thanks to Mike Pilbeam)


The MP101, which is the first Pilbeam to have been built specifically for a motorcycle-based engine installation, is Pilbeam’s first brand new hillclimb car since 2009.

Designer Mike Pilbeam has been kind enough to send us some more detailed images of the new car which show the front suspension, the engine installation and the rear suspension.

Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

Carbon tub and front suspension details (thanks to Rick Wilson – Redline Design)


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

Engine installation and floor detail (thanks to Rick Wilson – Redline Design)


The first interesting spot in this is that, although the car features a fairly conventional twin shock front pushrod suspension, there is a heave-spring installed between the rockers. Presumably this comes from Pilbeam’s experience in the LMP2 catagory as ‘third’ springs are often used on large prototypes in order to maintain front ride-height and pitch control. The heave spring controls ride height and allows softer front springs to be used, theoretically this will allow greater control of the front wheel rate.

Interestingly this is a subject that was covered in an interview with Mike Pilbeam by Tony Wiltshire for Brayspeed Productions and Motors TV at Prescott Hillclimb back in 2008, check out the youtube clip below.


Mike is very excited about this program and has kindly offered to provide us with more photos and some further technical info in the coming weeks, he told us “I am really pleased with the MP101, and cannot wait to get some testing in”.

This first MP101, with it’s Mark Fisher built 1300cc supercharged Hayabusa engine, will run in the 2-litre Racing Car class where it will be up against some seriously fast competition.

It is great to see a new Pilbeam out on the hills again, thanks to Mike Pilbeam for all the info he has provided.

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