More MP101 Snaps

Over the past few weeks we have revealed a few images of the latest brand new hillclimb car to be produced by legendary manufacturer Pilbeam Racing Designs.

Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

The MP101 is the first Pilbeam to be specifically built to take a motorcycle engine


A couple of weeks ago company boss Mike Pilbeam very kindly sent us images showing the car without its bodywork so we could have a look at some of the technical details on the car.

Now though, car owner and Cornish Motorsport Legend Mike Tregoning has sent us some images of the car with all of its bodywork in place.

Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

MP101 features much narrower sidepods than previous Pilbeams.


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

Diffuser tunnels extend a long way behind the rear axle line


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

New car is built on the MP88/97 style carbon tub


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

Massive twin-plane front wing….


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

…Compares to a relatively skinny wing at the rear.


Thanks so much for these further images Mike it certainly looks very tasty. It will be fascinating to hear how it compares to the ex. Tom New Rover V6 powered MP88 which Mike has used for the past few years!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Nice Pix again! The rear wing echoes a similarly sized aero-bit when Roger Moran’s 2.5 litre MP88 first emerged from Bourne; nice delicate Maserati Birdcage pylon though. Is there any word yet on weight and power output?

  2. James says:

    I thought of the Moran MP88 as soon as I saw these snaps as well! Mike Pilbeam said that it weighs ‘around 300kgs and has about 380bhp’.

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