More Results Developments

Hot on the heels of the fantastic South West Timekeeping results printing service we reported on following the Wiscombe Park National meeting last month, a similar system has now hit the Midlands!

Janus Timing John Warren

Results print-outs from Shelsley Walsh at the weekend


Having seen the system at Wiscombe, a good few hours were spent in a darkened room by Janus Timing (aka. John Warren), and Malvern Motorsports Timing Services (MMTS) had a system of their own.

This system runs along the same lines as the West Country version, printing all runs & splits for a competitors entire class at the touch of a button, and was debuted at The World Famous Shelsley Walsh last weekend.

As we said before, this is a seriously useful tool and it is great to see developments going on in all areas of our sport.

Hopefully this type of printer will be available at all MMTS events soon, great work John!

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