More Thoughts on the GR59

Further to our recent post about the greatly anticipated Gould GR59, Andy Barton has dropped us a line with a few of his thoughts on a car that is sure to be a big hit in 2012.

A Legend : Before its Arrival

At the Harewood National Meeting in May this year, David Grace was spotted looking with interest in the direction of the Goodyear DJ. He expressed the view that such a compact and agile car, given engine supercharging, could be developed to contend for the BHC; he seemed to be prospecting for a car in which his son could compete.

Grace also mentioned that he had seen the GR59 at Newbury, and said that the carbon fibre over-the-engine structure projecting aft of the rear bulkhead behind the driver represented a very big step forward, particularly for machines with unstressed engines.

At Gurston Down, on 29th May this year, Mike Endean recounted that he had recently seen the GR59, and that it was a very impressive and meticulously executed design, although there was still some work to be done on the transmission.

At Shelsley Walsh, Paul Haimes confirmed that he intended contesting the 2 Litre class with a GR59, powered by supercharged motor cycle engine. His first objective was ā€ ā€¦.. to get the 2 Litres back faster that the 1600′sā€. He seemed not to rule out the possibility of further development, so perhaps competing in the over 2000cc class could be on the cards sometime in the future. When it was suggested that his new car might not appear until mid-season 2012, and that he would hit the ground running in 2013, Paul responded that this would be a likely timetable; I am sure that many people will share my delight in the news that he has not retired, but is merely making a fundamental change in his approach, which is driven by the need to field a car much lighter than his previous Dallara.

So, we can expect there will be, as always in hillclimbing, quite a few more prequels before this much-vaunted device reaches a hillclimb start-line; but at least we can say that the Hillclimb GR59 may well eventually emerge from the shadows, prompted by that greatest of all imperatives, A Customer.

Thanks for this insight Andy, we look forward to more contributions in the New Year.


  1. Eddie Walder says:

    Great piece of writing by Andy , much better than all that speculative stuff in Motorsport News earlier in the year.

  2. James says:

    Agreed Eddie, in both cases.

    If only MSN listened to their own correspondents eh!?

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