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Following on from the seemingly very popular Willem Toet Podcast post last week, we have been contacted by Empire Racing Cars boss Bill Chaplin.

Willem Toet Hillclimb Pilbeam

Willem Toet in the office of his Pilbeam MP88 in 2004 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The Empire Force DS600 driver and former NHCA trike rider Bill asked us to remind everyone about Toet’s latest hillclimb project…

Toet has been heavily involved in the design of the new, and yet to be named, 1100cc single-seater class contender from the Somerset manufacturer.

And, just to prove how much progress is being made at the Somerset workshop, here is a sneaky peak at the splash from the cars nose mould.

Empire Racing Cars


It is clearly going to have a very long front overhang/nose section, which points towards a very ‘modern F1 look’ to the car.

Clive Austin and Chris Aspinall will share the first car, which is scheduled to appear mid-season.

We can’t wait to see it in the carbon!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Who Nose? A fascinating season is in prospect. Dear Bill, In view of the dental connection, and following the trend for aggressive names, have you considered calling the new machine “THE INCISOR” ? Only Joking, I hope.

  2. Andy Barton says:

    2] Dear Bill, on second thoughts, because of the evident length of the nose, how about naming the new machine “THE INQUISITOR” Best regards from your Quality Control Consultant.

  3. Andy kittle says:

    Yes in a big Pilbeam he was awesome

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