Whilst scanning about on the net at the weekend, looking for something else, we stumbled across some British Hillclimb Championship action on an internet TV channel!

James Wills Sandra Tomlin Brayspeed

Mr Editor interviews Sandra Tomlin  for Brayspeed


Back in 2008 & 2009 Tony Bray and his Brayspeed TV operation produced a number of programs, originally for Motors TV, covering all forms of hillclimb action from club events to the BHC.

These shows are still available to view, along with a whole variety of motorsport from the last 80 years or so, virtually every day on the Rally & Off Road Channel of free of charge.

Of course, if you wish to, you can subsribe to the site for a reasonable fee and view ‘on demand’ and in higher quality.

Do check the site out though as there is some great footage available where you can reminisce with footage of Martin Groves in the GR55, Adam Fleetwood in the DJ, Eynon Price in the OMS & Force and Chris Merrick in the Gould.

The only downside is the presenters, I am afraid that you will still have to put up with Tony Wilt and Mr Editor behind the mike… Thank goodness Jerry is there to bring some quality to the soundtrack!


  1. Fenestrom says:

    You mean Jerry talking through his beard?

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