MSN Get the Goss!

We have in the past criticised Motorsport News magazine for some of their, um, less informed hillclimb coverage. But now it is time to congratulate them on some great hillclimb news stories in the latest edition of the paper (released today).

They have finally taken full advantage of ‘Our Correspondent’ and have used his anorak-like BHC database to the max with two hillclimb features.

We won’t go into too many details here as we don’t want to spoil the read, but there is a story about the battle at the top of the BHC table and also a feature about the Moran Gould.

So, get down to your local newsagent and buy a copy this week, don’t just scan through it in the shop!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Can’t get MSN out in the Somerset sticks, so James please fill us in, those of us who languish in the outer darkness, when a reasonable time has elapsed.

  2. Andy kittle says:

    First class
    A real good read
    Some interesting goss
    Hope they keep it up

  3. I am too poor to purchase MSN so if anyone has one for me to view this weekend at Shelsley please bring it along.

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