Nearly Ready to Go!

Over the past few weeks we have shown some sneaky peaks of the progress being made by Midland Championship contender George Brown on his home-modified OMS project.

George Brown OMS CF07

Nearly ready to rumble, the OMS CF07.


Former Force PT driver George acquired the previously Cosworth DFL-engined OMS CF07 chassis from Bob Penrose at the end of last year and immediately set about converting the car to motorcycle power.

George has very kindly sent us over some more images which show exactly how much progress has been made in a very short amount of time. The engine installation, rear suspension, floor & tunnels, uprights and wing-mounts are all sorted with just the engine and general tinkering left to be done.

George Brown OMS CF07

Force floor and sidepods have been used…


George Brown OMS CF07

….To give a huge tunnel area under the car.


George Brown OMS CF07

Close-up of George’s handy-work at the rear of the engine bay.


This is brilliant progress and a real example of what can be achieved in a fairly short space of time.

Great stuff George, can’t wait to see the car hit the hills!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Nice big swoopy diffuser close to lower rear wing element, but shall we later see some nice [h]air straightener strakes underneath? Good looking rear suspension too, owner’s design? Looking forward to seeing this machine this season. How much will it weigh, and how much power will it have?

    • George brown says:

      New carbon tray got here yesterday as did pods, the tray will have strakes. Suspension is home made using hours of Alan staniforth book reading! I can confirm the engine is a turbo 1137 blackbird, hoping for 350 hp at wheels and looking at sub 340 kg. regards George

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