New 2-Litre Contender

Now it is time to break the worst kept secret of the past few months!

Paul Haimes Dallara F301 Vauxhall XE Gurston Down

Former Hillclimb Leaders Champion Paul Haimes will return to the hills with a brand new 2-litre class contender.

Having run in Dallara chassis for the last 10 years Haimes has announced that he will be the 2nd customer for the all-new Gould GR59 chassis.

The car, which is taking shape at Gould’s Newbury workshop, will use a Geoff Page Racing built Turbo-charged Hayabusa powerplant.

Although new to single-seaters on the hills, the GPR engine has been developed in Duncan Cowpar’s Dax Rush in sprints.

On the flat the Dax has proved to be incredibly quick and took FTD at Crystal Palace in 2010. Checkout the onboard of the run.

We cannot wait to see how Paul goes in 2012, and we will bring you more news on the car as soon as we have it.


  1. Stephen Broadhurst says:

    That’s the Top Gear track isn’t it ?
    Welcome back Haimesy :-)

  2. James says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sure is the TG track.


  3. Andy Barton says:

    Tantalising! Better even than the Telegraph’s trickly leaks on ever so gradually disclosing their pieces about the *P*s’ *x*e*n*e*. But seriously, chaps, you are doing are fine job of entertaining us all through the hibernal gloom! As the first pic above unfolded I thought “Wow, and Paul has tested it at Gurston already so soon, and it looks so like ‘is old un” Keep them coming, what I really am looking forward to is sight of the rear structure, and trans/box, and small[?] rear wing, coz after all, we’ve seen the front, some time back, in France[?] Andy B.

  4. Andy Barton says:

    In all this eager anticipation of the arrival of this much-vaunted novel machine, has anyone heard anything at all about Jos Goodyear’s new car? What was it going to be again? Is it happening at all? Any News, Anyone? And what about Will Hall’s new Force? Any spy phots?
    Andy B.


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