New Car Development Continues

Gurston’s opening event of the season featured two of the higher profile new hillclimb cars of 2012 which were continuing their development curves at the high speed Wiltshire hill.

Will Hall Force WH Gurston Down

Will Hall brought his new Force WH to Gurston


Will Hall put in a late entry for Saturday’s ACSMC Championship round with his Force WH, before heading off to Curborough Sprint on the Sunday.

Despite his reputation for being a hard-charger Will is taking a very sensible approach to getting used to his new beasty, just as he did when he first got into his Force PC back in 2008.

Whilst being based on a similar chassis to his motorcycle-engined version, the power characteristics of the big 3.5 litre Nissan V6 couldn’t be more different to the screaming 1600cc Hayabusa he is used to.

Hall increased his pace steadily through the day and ended up 3rd overall on Saturday, just behind Gurston regular Rodney Thorne and his ex. Roy Lane Pilbeam-Judd.

The other newbie down on the farm at the weekend was the much discussed Gould GR59.

Brian & Simon Moyse had a good day with the car on Sunday, despite a slight fuel pressure niggle prior to Simon’s first practice run of the day. Once the ECU had been reset, the engine sprang into life again and ran reliably throughout the rest of the day.

Simon put in a good time in the wet during the opening competition runs and was running well into the top 5 at the point. He slipped back later on as the track dried out however and ended up in 7th overall at the end of the day, behind a few very far less high-tech and, it must be said, considerably less expensive cars including the Empire-Suzuki, OMS-Hornet and WEV HCS.

Many people seem to be very disappointed by this cars performances to date, but it must be remembered that Brian & Simon last drove in competition back in 2006 in a Clubmans Mallock and their learning curve has to be all but vertical at the moment… Also, we learned at the weekend that they are running on a pair of ex. Martin Groves slicks of 2006 vintage!

There is some footage of the GR59 on the hill at the end of this montage we found on youtube.

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