New GR59 Update

We have received some long-awaited good news from Newbury on the progress of the latest hillclimb challenger from the 15-time BHC title-winning manufacturer.

Gould GR59

The Moyse GR59 has been out and running in 2012

At the weekend we received a progress report on the most eagerly awaited new car of 2013.

Former double Leaders Champion and BHC Run Off winner Paul Haimes will be returning to the hills in 2013 with a turbo-busa powered Gould GR59.

After months of engine work and dyno runs, the power plant will be installed into the chassis within the next few weeks and final assembly will then begin.

Can’t wait to see this one hit the hills!


  1. Phil Couch says:


    Have they finally cracked the drive train problems on the Moyse car?


    • James says:

      The car appeared to be running much more reliably towards the end of the season.

      Improvements to the gearbox paddle-shift electronics and a fix for the drive-line issues seemed to have worked.

      I guess we will find out next season when the higher-powered, turbo-charged version of Paul Haimes hits the hills…

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