New OMS Revealed

On Saturday morning at Harewood Hillclimb, a new model of hillclimb car was unveiled as Steve Owen rolled his latest motor-cycle engined product out of the trailer at his local hill.

Steve Owen OMS 28

The latest OMS 28 was revealed in the Harewood paddock on Saturday.


The owner of OMS Racing Cars has been a prolific producer of carbon-tubbed hillclimb cars in recent years and this record has continued with the latest works OMS 28.

Based on the type of chassis first seen in the talented hands of BHC title winner Trevor Willis at Prescott back in April with Powertec V8 grunt, the new car houses a Suzuki Hayabusa engine and will be run in the 1600cc class.

The car appears to have a very similar engine installation to the current OMS 25 model although the bulky looking aluminium diff carrier which was a feature of the bike-engined 25 from day one has been replaced with a lighter and stiffer carbon fibre housing.

Steve Owen OMS 28

Carbon diff carrier can be seen here.


As always with new OMS models Steve & Lynne Owen will develop the car prior to production models being seen. There were a couple of niggles early on with battery terminals coming astray and a few other teething troubles as you would expect with a car which hadn’t turned a wheel under power prior to the event, but on the whole things appeared to go very well. The car seems to have good traction and appears to be very stable.

We understand that there is another 28 chassis underway at the OMS factory, and with the loyal band of OMS Racing customers paying close attention to the car at Harewood, there could be more to come yet.

Steve Owen OMS 28


Steve Owen OMS 28


Well done to Steve and Lynne for getting the car out so quickly, it is great to see another purpose-built car out on the hills!

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