New Pilbeam for 2013!

Following a tip-off at the British Hillclimb dinner on Saturday evening, we have done a little digging and discovered news of another new hillclimb car taking shape for 2013.

Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP88


Legendary hillclimb car designer Mike Pilbeam is building a new car for this season, and it will be the first Pilbeam built specifically for a motorcycle engine.

Cornish driver Mike Tregoning had originally planned to convert his ex. Tom New MP88 from Rover V6 to supercharged Hayabusa power, but has now decided to go for a brand new car instead.

The car will be based around an MP88-style chassis, with new aero and suspension. It will be powered by a blown ‘busa.

There is no news on the nomenclature of the new car as yet, but it has been suggested that it could be an MP101.

Can’t wait to see this one out in 2013!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Another SCOOP, Well Done that man! Have you got Mick Howlett’s mobile number, so you can give him an alarm call at 5.30am every morning. Not to say that he doesn’t normally get up early, but, judging by the timescales of all other new hillclimb cars in the recent past, extra hours/manpower will be needed if we are to see this device in 2013. Good news, though.

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